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[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886

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"They were a people of mysticism and magic.
Nature dictated the rythms of their lives, and almost everything in it held spiritual meaning.
Usen, the life giver, was the God they worshipped….
They were all united as apaches but divided into many tribal bands.
To the east , in New Mexico Sierra Bla&nca  and on the Buffalo grasslands of Texas , lived the Mescaleros.
Their close cousins, the Chiricahuas, lived in the Gila and Dragoon mountains  of western New Mexico  and South western Arizona as well as the Sierra Madre of Sonora and Chihuahua….
At his peak their population was between eight and ten thousands, and perhaps less….

They called themselves Dineh (say Diné)...which means "The People", a name they shared with their linguistic relatives, the Navajos….

These southern people came to be known by the name given them by their Zunis victims _ Apaches, (Apachus)  "the enemy."

(Paul Andrew Hutton "The Apache wars ")

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 6f4bbc10

It was a harsh country, made of an Hostile beauty, with stunning colours and landscapes.

Once,  villages with multistory houses and cultivated fields formed some wealthy civilisations, but near 1400 AD they disappeared during a 24 years of severe drought in the end of the 13th century.

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 How-6010

During the XVI th century, the spanish conquistadors brought the civilisation to the South and central americas  Inca and Aztec.

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 Thtgzb10

In 1540 AD, spanish expéditions came in north of the Rio Grande, pursuing dreams of golden civilisations  like the Aztequan  by Cortès and the Inca by Pizarro.
They found only poor agriculturan villages and named the indians Pueblos.

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 18th-c10

These indians submitted to the spanish  to survive, and worked hard for them, or became slaves.
But sometimes  fled to join  the Athapascan (Apaches and Navajos) who fought to keep their Freedom,

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 5d2d1e10

or made sudden uprising against their masters.

But the spanish colonists  brought something which will  change the way of warfare: the horses.

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 0e156410

From1600 AD and 1750 AD the Comanches, "the lords of the plains", true centaurs, chased the "llaneros" (the plains apaches like the Lipans or Jicarillas) from actual Texas, the apache took refuge in the mountains and deserts, of actuals Arizona and New Mexico.

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 88-a1810

They could no more live from Buffalo Hunting or agriculture.
Isolated in  hostile terrain, they went raiding Spanish colonists settlements and indian pueblos .

In retaliation, the spanish, then the mexicans after 1821, waged an extermination war against the apaches, the authorities paying 100 pesos for an apache male scalp, 50 for a woman's one and 25 for a child's one.
The scalping of the indians became a lucrative activity for many americans and hispanic  scalps hunters.
Ironically many times the victims were peaceful indians or poor spanish then mexicans peasants…

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 Cochis10

It was a two centuries  long and gruelling guerrilla war, which anchored a deep hate against the mexicans among the apaches.

In 1846 the USA government entered war against Mexico, and many bands of apaches ravaged northern mexican territories, which became ripe for the taking by the americans.
All the north western mexicans provinces of California, Arizona and New Mexico (Tejas, was already lost in 1836), the USA Grabbed an immense territory somewhat desertic but very promising.

In 1861 Cochise (Cochès) was a  charismatic Chiricahua leader, but not yet the great one he would become later.
He was warlike and a cunning raider but only against the mexicans, he had not yet any feud with the americans, and he thought they were different.

But the "Bascom affair" was going to change everything…

The Ward's ranch was raided by non Chiricahuas indians (an Aravaipa band according to PA Hutton ? Or a non Apache band ?  ) and a Young boy, Felix , aged 12th, was kidnapped and cattle stolen.

"Lieutenant Georges Bascom was a Young man in a hurry.
The abduction of the Ward Boy presented   Bascom with exactly the sort of Opportunity for disctinction he was homing for.
Major 's Morrison's orders  had given Bascom wide latitude of action in recovering the boy and cattle."

(Paul Andrew Hutton)

So began what will be called the " Bascom affair"...

If you read this, you probably know the story and have your opinion about it.

Bascom offered hospitality Under his tent to Cochise to discuss with him,
Cochise accepted and came to the "rendez vous " with members of his family.
Then Bascom accused him for the kidnapping and the thief of the cattle, and made them prisoners.
Cochise escaped, wounded, and fled under fire but his brother, two nephews , his woman and two of his children were now Bascom's hostages.

All of the Cochise and all apaches  hate against the mexicans was transfered against the americans
The consequences were immense and dramatic, the beginning  of a 25 years long dreadful guerrilla warfare.

That's what this wargame is about
and "Bascom affair" an example of the provocation level concept.



Tour 1     1861-1863

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 Dsc07152

"Look at  the map, Sir...

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 P4vzlr10

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 Dsc07153

And then,  the reports... from our sources and from the coronel Terrazas regiment : two bands in northern Arizona, one in New Mexico ,
two in Sonora et one in Chihuahua…

Of course we don't know if they are rumors or a war party led by Mangas Coloradas or by Cochise, or...worse...both of them…"

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 Genera13

-"The Bascom affair was a mess...hanging the nephew and the Cochise brother, Coyuntara, and three coyoteros who just came back from Mexico with stolen cattle  !
Oh God…"

"Cochise had made nine mexicans burn,  on wagons wheels... first  blood…"

-"Yes... Major Forsyth…first blood... but for what ?
Lt Bascom had taken members of his family as hostages, in a peace meeting…a treacherous trap against the most Dangerous Apache leader from all times !
What was he waiting for ?"

"Mmmh ...we have two cavalry troops and two infantry companies, and the apache scouts…"

-"So, and you, what do you think, colonel Carr ?"

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 Vlcsna10

_"Perhaps search the three possible warbands in Arizona and New Mexico, if they try to go South across the frontier, our Mexican "allies" are waiting,  they have two escuadrons de Caballeria and one compania de infanteria, ready to track the hostiles.
If necessary you could cross the frontier too with the cavalry and join in the fray, Sir…"

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 P-croo10

"I hope it will not be necessary...Colonel..."



TURN 1  Gameplay

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 Ht001010

An apache  Rumor could be illusions but most of the time exagerations
two or three apaches  seen  often  became a powerful warparty when reported to the authorities.

In the last map photo you have seen the Apache deployment

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 Dsc07156

Now the Army deployment,
One infantry Cie in Fort Apache/ San Carlos reservation  zone
One Leader in Tucson, Tombstone , Fort Bowie, General Crook in Tombstone with Two units) .
(in all 2 US Cav troops, 1 cie Infantry, 1 apache scout troop).

Crook's objective is to have three groups mutually supportive.

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 Dsc07155

1st Impulse  Apache movement

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 Dsc07210

1st impulse US Army movement

The Victory conditions drive the gameplay of these asymetric adversaries:
The Apache player get 1 VP for each Apache SP "Free" on the map at the end of the combat phase
(free Apache SP = real Apache unit  in a zone without ARMY unit (s) which is not a reservation zone as San Carlos/white mountain reservation or Mescaleros reservation).

The US Army and/or mexican allies (THE ARMY ) player MUST be aggressive and hunt the apaches warbands, and discover the apache rumors.
If he does Nothing, the Apache player will have more VP and win the turn.

He could go South and cross the mexican frontier with Crook (senior leader only), but without any Apache crossing the frontier going South
in an only mexican zone, the mexican army will not get deployed...so US player stays in USA and ignore the five Apache blocks in Mexico.

Carr is near  Winston and Crook near Siver city, they will need another impulse movement to recon these 7 apache blocks east in New Mexico.

Forsyth is near San Carlos.

What the apaches are going to do now ?

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 Dsc07211

2nd Impulse Apache movement

Five apache blocks flee in South Texas near the Rio Grande, and the five apache blocks in Mexico cross the frontier and join the northern apache blocks west of Phoenix (6 blocks because there are water sources) and near fort Buchanan (only 3 blocks because there are no water source°

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 Dsc07212

US player has the last move of the last impulse, there will be Ambush or combat where both ennemies will be in the same zone.

Crook has the choice: a big 6 apache blocks warband  east of Phoenix town, or a small 3 apache blocks warband near fort Buchanan.

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 P-croo11

"Where is the trap ?

Fort Buchanan zone and 003 zone  are a mountain ones (because  it has at least one red border), this gives a +1 to each apache leader rating.
If Cochise is here i'll be ambushed (he will get 2+1= 3 rating against only 2 for me).
I prefer to get ambushed by Two blocks rather than by five.

But perhaps the Apache thought  i will think that...damned !"

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 Dsc07213

2nd Impulse US Army movement

" I go to 003 zone with Carr task force and my cavalry troop (i had to leave my infantry cie behind because of its slow 3 movement rating."

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 Dsc07214

Crook reveal 4 rumors +4 VP


[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 19145510

" Ambush  !    Cochise is here with just a 3 SP warband, he is already 2 rating and gets a +1 for mountains so gets a +3 each die rolls  (1  3  5  , +3   becoming 4 7 and 8, so two hits !)

Carr troop cavalry loses 2 SP, from 4 SP to 2 SP.  
and apache player gets  4 VP (2VP each US SP loss)

Cochise retreat in an adjacent zone because he has less SP than US Army detachment.

The US numerical superiority can't prevail, they haven't "fired" any shots at all.
An Ambush is Fire then move away before the enemy replies with his SPs.

Cochise and Mangas Coloradas have their
Three apache warbands free, 3 SP each so 9 VP.

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 Photo310

Forsyth is on the apache trail (five blocks) near the Rio Grande in Texas and ...Nothing...only 5 rumors  = 5 VP .

Victory points :
APACHE player gets 4 VP  (Cochise ambushing Crook, 2 US SP lost =4 VP) and 9 VP (three 3 SP warbands free, so 9 SP) = 13 VP
US Army player gets    4 rumors near Phoenix  and 5 rumors (in Texas)  = 9 VP

APACHE won the 1st Turn, The Apache Victory marker  advance one level.

End of turn analysis:

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 Genera14

"Cochise mystified us … but if we had attacked the Fort Buchanan warparty they would have been no ambush (Mangas 1 +1 mountain would have been equal to my 2 rating) the regular combat would have been unfavorable for Mangas (12 US SP vs his 6 Sp) and he could not have restreated before combat because i had the scout unit with me...Jesus !"

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 Vlcsna11

-"Yes Sir… Mangas and him were Lucky this time.
I doubt they could do it another time...Sir."

"I Hope so, Colonel...i hope you are wright."

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 20242410

Naiche (one son of Cochise):

" It was a near run thing, but my father prevailed with his stepfather Mangas Coloradas backing him.
We ll join the others bands and  come back our Dragoon mountains stronghold."

[CR] Once we moved like the wind, Apache Wars 1861-1886 Th7ime10



Hum, tu fais des CR en anglais maintenant ? Cool
J'avoue de pas connaître le jeu ni le sujet.
ça doit être une approche de la guerre asymétrique, non ?




Disons que mon objectif était d'attirer l'attention sur ce jeu, dont le thème m'est cher.
Le CR était destiné à
"Once we moved like the Wind boardgamegeek " où il est avec d'autres commentaires pour appuyer le Kickstarter.

Le gameplay est original, il s'agit de guérilla avec une focale sur deviner le "plan" du joueur apache (pour le joueur US) et mystifier ce dernier (pour le joueur apache).
J'ai pas connaissance d'un jeu de ce type.

Le tension entre deux joueurs doit être intense et l'envie de refaire une partie en changeant de rôle très grande.

La carte me fait penser à ces westerns où les officiers de cavalerie US pointent leur doigt sur une vieille carte murale du sud ouest dans le bureau du chef du fort, en se demandant ce que va bien pouvoir faire le chef apache.

On est loin des jeux qui intéressent les wargamers actuellement, avec pleins de pions empilés sur la WW2 ou les guerres modernes.
Là il y a des petits moyens et un vaste territoire.

Je pense que ce jeu pourrait offrir de très grands moments, dans un temps assez court d'un après midi.

Je pense aussi qu'il n'aura aucun succès en France, ce n'est pas le genre de la maison.

On reprendrait la même structure de jeu et on l'appliquerait au Vietnam (ou à l'indochine), avec le Vietcong ou le Viet Minh en guise d'apache , je pense qu'il trouverait son public.



Merci pour ces précisions bien utiles !
Et bien tu as attiré mon attention sur un sujet certes peu connu mais qui présente un vrai intérêt pour ceux qui s'intéressent à la guérilla et aux guerres asymétriques. J'en suis !
Merci encore !




Se concentrer sur une cible au risque de n'attraper que du vent
ou disperser ses forces pour multiplier ses chances au risque de voir certaines de ses colonnes ne pas survivre à une embuscade, tel est le dilemme du "régulier", dans ce jeu de l'occupant américain.

Sur BGG , posté une analyse sommaire des avantages et difficultés de chaque camp.

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