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VENTE Death...Black and White

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1VENTE  Death...Black and White Empty VENTE Death...Black and White Jeu 28 Mai 2020 - 10:26



Je vends:

65 euros
Black sea black death     (Charles Roberts best XXth century wargame 1982)
is a simulation-game for 2 to 4 players of the Soviet amphibious operations conducted in early February of 1943 as a part of Operation Gory/Morsky (Mountains/Sea).
The objective of Operation Morsky was to surround and take the port city of Novorossisk, opening the way to a drive on Anapa which cut the main supply line keeping the German 17th Army alive in the Kuban-Taman area.
The game covers a battle of 9 1/2 days on a scale of one half mile per hex (800 meters) and one turn per day. Fighting takes place on beaches, in mountains, in an industrial city and in the air overhead, with the units involved being mostly of battalion or company size (roughly 100 men per strength point), with naval units representing one ship or two boats, and air units each representing ten aircraft.

45 euros
White death  (Velikiye Luki the Stalingrad of the north)  

Les prix sont nets, car les  fdp sont compris.
Les jeux sont en très bon état pour le matériel.
Je vends le lot des  deux "death" black and white,  pour 85 euros

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