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L'Estafette - Histoire & Wargames

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Fermeture de KPG

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1Fermeture de KPG Empty Fermeture de KPG Lun 11 Mai 2009 - 19:52



Bon, comme beaucoup d'entre vous j'ai reçu la lettre ce week-end...

Pour ceux qui ne l'ont pas eu, la voici :

May 10, 2009

We would like to thank you for your support of Khyber Pass Games (KPG) and for participating in our Pledge Program.

This letter is to inform you that an announcement will be forthcoming on ConsimWorld that KPG has begun production on its last game, Tanga, 1914, and that after the release of that game in June/July the company will be disbanded. But this is not the last you will hear of us as each is off pursuing his own interests in the hobby.

Another announcement will be made shortly thereafter to advise people that a new company, Legion Wargames (LWG), has been formed by one of the former KPG partners Randy Lein. LWG will be launched very soon and the good news is that your existing KPG Pledge Orders* can be transferred to the new company. Below you will find a list of the Pledge Orders we currently have on file for you. To transfer these orders all you need to do is to visit the LWG website, create an account, and submit new Pre-Orders for these games.

See the About Us page on the LWG website to learn more about the new company. And don’t forget to check out the two new titles being offered by LWG, including a new game by veteran game designer Vance von Borries, and a Korean War module for the very popular game, B-29 Superfortress.

Pledge Order Currently on File:
Adobe Walls
Fire on the Mountain
Ici, c’est la France!
Redvers Reverse
Russo-Japanese War
Saipan/ Tinian

*Please note that the following two games were not carried over to LWG:
The Devil Takes All
A Barbarous Ground

We have enjoyed the time we spent with KPG and appreciate the support you have shown.

Thank you,

Andrew Preziosi - Dennis L. Bishop - Randy Lein

Khyber Pass Games


2Fermeture de KPG Empty Re: Fermeture de KPG Lun 11 Mai 2009 - 20:01



Et beh...Ils se sont disputés entre eux ?

3Fermeture de KPG Empty Re: Fermeture de KPG Lun 11 Mai 2009 - 20:08



Ils disent pas, mais ils n'ont fait que des jeux moyens (au mieux) jusqu'à la, pas de gros succès, donc pas facile de fédérer une équipe j'imagine...


Dernière édition par Desaix le Dim 17 Mai 2009 - 22:09, édité 1 fois


4Fermeture de KPG Empty Re: Fermeture de KPG Dim 17 Mai 2009 - 21:48

Semper Victor

Semper Victor

Et ils sont passé du DTP aux pions pré-découpés, ce qui en terme d'investissement financier interdit les erreurs...

« Quis custodiet ipsos custodes ? » Juvénal.


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