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LIFEFORM le kickstarter est encore dispo arrivée en janvier

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In 1979, this movie was a blast

Remember...A Captain Hunting Something in the air ducts.

The crew is tracking him, anxiously

But he is not alone in the darkness

The fierce  lifeform  is more valuable for the company than people who work for it.
Is it new ?

It s time to flee out of the cargo spaceship, collecting supplies for a long, long Journey in the deep space
But the thing hunts the crew

One after another

Suddenly, you realize you are alone, on a huge cargo spaceship, millions km from home...

Self destruction in T -10 mn...

It s time to run frantically

To the end of the night, were real nightmares burst of , sometimes, at the end of the dark corridor

and  time is fleeing away  like sand out of the hand

55, 56, 57...

40, 41, 42...

24, 23, 22, 21...

18, 17, 16, 15...

7, 6, 5 , 4 , 3, 2...

A Thousand suns illuminate the endless darkness of the universe

Have you survived the unnamed horror ?

Or does it lurks in the Shuttle ?

That  was the movie, you know the partial happy end,
now it's not Alien, it's worse, you can live it again and again, without knowing if you will escape safely in the Shuttle,
like an endless nightmare gaming experience.

Kickstarter is ...still available...

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