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GT6 to GT17 report CNA

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1GT6 to GT17 report CNA Empty GT6 to GT17 report CNA le Dim 6 Sep 2020 - 15:11


GT7 to GT17 are now over : What happened during these turns ?

My CNA pal player and I played quite a lot to CNA lately. Mainly because Malta was not allowed to be bombed for quite a long time (saving much valuable playing time) ; because we had Sandstorm and Rainstorm, and because not much happened in combat. Mostly, organization, training and supplies.

The British tempted twice to mauled the Italians but failed to do it.

British aviation is non existent.

The Italians, thanks to their actual playing Commander in Chief, have been able to leapfrog to Matruh and organize a clean and very neat surprise for to British which ended in the total destruction and capture of the whole 2nd New Zealand Infantry Division...

The British had only one option: retreat to El Alamein !

What's the point to play continue playing after that?

Decision was made to start a new Scenario: Desert Fox. Covering the 1st thrust from Rommel to gain all lost terrain to the British on historical ground.

Much time was necessary to prepare all documentation, sheets, supplies, rules and map.

We're now ready to play again.

We're starting GT26 Op'stage 3. We'll end GT38 Op'stage 3.

Looking forward to it.

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