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GT6, End of Graziani Offensive

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1GT6, End of Graziani Offensive Empty GT6, End of Graziani Offensive le Mer 19 Aoû 2020 - 12:32


GT6 is now over : What happened during that turn ?

For GT6, Malta : British weren't allowed to put a recon to any Italian convoy so they all reach African ports unmolested. The Italians drew a 6 to the dices and decided to abort the bombing on Malta.

On GT6/1-2-3, the British reorganize themselves and consolidate their positions. Matruh airfield being reconstructed, they deploy one fighter squadron (4*Hu I and 12* Glad)

The Italians sent 6 waves of bombers and/or fighters to strafe the 2NZ Inf Div and the 4th Ind Inf Div, killing 10*Inf in total along with theit transporting trucks. Nothing more after that. The aircraft deployed in the forward line went back to Bardia and Fort Capuzzo. Rail Hexes have been destroyed at El Alamein and Fuka for interrupting British supplies coming forward.

It was a quiet turn apart from that.

This put an end to Graziani Offensive into Egypt. Not to expectations but far, far better than the historical issue.

The 1st CCNN stand at B3602 on a Level 1 fortification, 4th CCNN at B4002, 1st Lyb at Bir Emba on a Level 1 fortification, Marmarica at Bir Emba, Maletti at Sofafi on a Level 2 fortification, 2nd Lyb at Halfaya Pass, Sahara Detachment at Fort Capuzzo, Catanzaro at Buq Buq, Cirene just outisde Bardia on a Level 2 fortification, Lyb Tank Command in Bardia minus assigned units elsewhere.

Units used 2600 points of Ammo, 7000 points of Fuel and 19 600 points of Stores. (some idle units were on half rations sometimes as for rules).
Airplanes and SGSU's used 1100 points of Ammo, 3000 points of Fuel and 1040 points of Stores.
Constructions used 1440 points of Stores.
2nd, 3rd line trucks used up to 14 000 points of Fuel moving around.

75 900 tons of cargo were delivered through Tobruk, Benghasi and Tripoli. Plus the rare Inf replacements, AA and Recce, and trucks. 580 tons were sunken.
All costal ships delivered their cargo once, all coming from and back to Tripoli. Ports of delivery: Nofilia, Zuetina, Derna, Bardia.

The Polish Brigade is only 3 Op's stages away to beeing to their morale of +1. The 6th Australian Division is to Level 0 morale (they started at -3...)

The 4th Ind Inf Div is reunited with its 7th Inf Brigade, the 2 NZ Inf Div is with only one Brigade and is but a shell one. The 16th Inf Brigade is assigned to the 2nd NZ Inf Div.

There is no trouble with the supplies and 3 dumps got all needed in Matruh and around. Italian bombers went to destroy one Rail Hex each at El Alamein and Fuka.

British Navy suffered terribly to the Regia Aeronautica: BB Queen Elizabeth and Valiant, CA York, CL Arethusa, Dido and Euryalus.

Looking forward to GT7.

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