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CNA GT2 then 3

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1CNA GT2 then 3 Empty CNA GT2 then 3 le Ven 10 Juil 2020 - 11:02


News from Africa: GT2 is over. Since the coup by the Italians in destroying Matruh airfield and the loss of so many British fighter planes as a result, nothing much is happening in the air. The Italians can only fly "naked" to Alexandria  -and not willing to do it- and the British have no Air Force worth of its name to strike. So, the Italians are readying aircraft and the British protecting Alexandria.
Malta now: start of GT3. Naval Route to Tobruk have been screened again and 5% of the cargo sent to the bottom of the sea, to no aircraft loss to the British. The Italians used a Level I strike (dices of 11: 25/50) This time, attack was for the ships in Valletta. The Hu I and Glad/Sea Glad scramble to intercept. One Sea Glad was lost and one CR42 as well (out of 3 shot down). One Z501 went down as well for AA. Result, the CL Arethusa (3/6) was sunk. (!).
In the course of the GT1 and 2 + start of 3, the Italians built 5 Airfields and 4 Levels of fortifications.
Both players reorganized their troops. Italians strengthening their "best" troop (morale 1 or 0): ie Sahara Detachment and 1 and 4 CCNN. These formations are now motorized ! YES. This have been rendered possible by stripping other units from non essential trucks. Motorization of "I"AA units is done as well. The British are still unaware of it.
The British are calling back all troops operating independently from parent units: ie mostly  7 ARM Div. Organizing of the others (4 IND Div and Matruh Garrison). Finally AA units arrived to Matruh. Every available unit is training in Cairo and the Polish Brigade is doing the same on arriving in Alexandria. This will take time: 6 * Op's stage for one level.
As for supplies, the difficulties are not very much with ammo, fuel or water but really in usage of stores!!! Very difficult. Drastic measures complying with the rules are implemented.  
Next report when the GT3 is over.
All the best.

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2CNA GT2 then 3 Empty CNA GT3 le Dim 2 Aoû 2020 - 12:10


GT3 is now over : What happened during that turn ?
Two more Italian airfields have been constructed as well as two level of fortifications. El Adem airfield have been put up again to Level 6. The San Giorgio, partially blocking Tobruk harbor have been sunken by the Italians as being useless. The port is now on full efficiency (1700 tons). The British are putting up Alexandria airfield and constructing a new one in Matruh.
In the air, the Italians attacked ships which moved out of Alexandria (yes), and sunk the BB Queen Elisabeth... Can you believe it ? Only 4 planes went down and 5 aborted. GT3/1. ON GT3/2 they come again and sunk the other one for the loss of 5 bombers down and 6 aborted.
In the field, the 7 Arm Div attacked the Libyans and they suffered heavily during two different attack retreating toward friendly Italian units. The italians moved the 1st and 4th CCNN perpendicular to the 7th Arm Div and 4th Ind over the ridge covering them. One have to remember, 4th Ind Div is on foot. At he same time 4 Italian Inf Div moved on top of Halfaya Pass denying as such a quick move by the British to overcome Bardia if it was the idea. The British decided to move second on GT3/2 and first on GT3/3.
The Italians sent all of their fighter force to give a strafing rattle to all the Inf Battalions operating alone And a rattle it was. Five ways of fighters. British were wiped out almost totally 1st RNF (MG), 1st CHES (MG) and 3rd Coldstream Guard (INF). The fourth one is but a skeleton.
Both supply depot were not being watched by the British and the Italians went straight away for both of them with the 1st and 4th CCNN now motorized to the great astonishment of British Commander. Remember, Graziani is not Graziani in that game...
During their move the British rushed out of the trap as they have been deprived of all their supplies.... In doing so they took a minus 6 and a minus 7 in cohesion in moving over their normal cpa.  Forces from Alexandria come forward also in a rush: 16th Inf Brigade (70 Inf Div), motorized and 2nd NZ Div (only one brigade). Every one is now guarding Mersa Matruh with a strong line of defence and no Italian can overpass them in the desert.
So far, Graziani (at least that one playing in the game of CNA) did far better.
For GT4, Malta, the Italian went again to bomb an empty airfield, losing 1 bomber to 2 British fighters (one Glad, one Skua II just arrived as reinforcement). The British went to see Tripoli sea lane and sunk 20% of the cargo to no loss.
Looking forward to GT4.

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