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[CR] No Retreat 2 African front en anglais

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1 [CR] No Retreat 2 African front en anglais le Jeu 16 Aoû 2018 - 20:32

TURN 4   March/April 1941

Then, he came, with a small vanguard of aüfkarung véhicules, panzers and 88mm PAK guns, and some  italian tank and slow italian infantry.
The brits were exhausted and dispersed  after their magnificent drive from Egypt.
His mission was to preserve Tripoli from British hands, but he wanted to show more than that...he wanted to shine as the sun of Africa !

The 2nd Armored fought the panzers then  retreated to the east.

Royal Navy (card) made Malta active
Stukas (card) bombed Malta and inactivated it.

Rommel swept the Lybian west coast in a lightning offensive of 4 successive "impulses".

132 Ariete was bloodied assaulting a box in Msus.

Rommel took Benghazi, and the BR withdraw to map 3.

He Had 8 SP, spent 5 in the offensive, gained 3 SP in Benghazi,  ending the turn with 6 SP

Brits had 4 SP, lost 1 SP when Malta became inactive and 2 SP more retreating from map 4, ending with just 1 SP.

Now, the fight will go to map 3, where lies the Tobruk fortress, key of North Africa.

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TOUR 5  
May / June 41

Rommel has the initiative again, with 12 SP
Brits have 6 SP (8-2 because Malta is inactive)

Brits  fortify Tobruk fortress (to level 3) and control some towns to keep Rommel away.
They build 3 boxes, 2 near Tobruk and 1 in Halfaya pass.

They control Gazala and Bir Hacheim, the western towns, forcing Rommel to place his units in Mechili ( germans and mixed units) and Derna (Italians).

Rommel moves east  keeping the initiative and spending 1 SP each new cycle, the slow italian corps near the coast, the DAK takes Bir Hacheim and Bir el Gubi.

A british armored counter attack against the italians is possible, but the allies have  a long threatened  supply line …
Tobrul fortress can suply only TWO points (1 infantry or mech/armored brigade is ONE , an armored division is TWO)
They could be cut off and out of supply if Rommel takes the road around Sollum

Brits prefer to retreat east to Sollum before it will be too late, they have made Rommel waste a great bunch of Supply points.

But Rommel moves fast and attacks the BR armored units near Sollum.

The battle is indecise,

The royal artillery (card) supports the tanks

with a counterblow with bloddy losses in panzers (21st Panzer had a step loss) and tanks (EX) but the DAK prevails in the end, the 2nd armored and Combe mechanised are destroyed and out of game .

Panzer attack (Card) ! Rommel attacks another time , the Guards mechanised unit in Bardia loses one step and retreats towards Tobruk.

Rommel pursue and attack them near Tobruk, destroying them in a pure mobile fight.

Tobruk is under siege !

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July/august 1941

News of other fronts
In april 1941, Hitler invaded Greece in april and Crète Island in May.
Many british and Commonwealth troops are  withdrawn from Lybia to defend Greece.

Invasion of Vichy held Syria by the brits and free french takes 5th indian and 50 british divisions away during 8 month.

Rommel 12 SP then 3, he spent 7 to build boxes and mines, then 2 to units,... 3 SP left  

The brits have 8 SP then, after units building,  5 left.

Rommel could not leave  an australian held Tobruk in his rear, He fortifies some boxes
garrisoned with italian corps around the besieged town, one in Bir El gubi , with ariete armored division

And a big fort with mines in Halfaya Pass which command the supply road to map 4, with an italian corps and the 88mm Pak.
and another one with 90th light division.

Himself with the 15th and 21st Panzers and the aüfklarung  in the center, ready to counterattack.
He waits for the brits move.

The 8th army HQ wants to relieve Tobruk before it could be too late.
The brits take the offensive, attacking the Halfaya pass Fort/ Mines in strengh.

The Halfaya pass Fort/mines position has many losses, the italians are exhausted, the 88mm PAK destroyed.

Rommel counterattacks immediatly, shatters the kiwis and guards who sustain losses but keep their ground, preventing Rommel to advance.

The brits attack again the Halfaya pass storming the italian beleaguered defenders, the pass is taken !

Rommel tries to take back the pass, but the brits and South african stay put, with heavy losses.

The 8th army  should have retreated, but the stubborn allied officers want to Anchor their lines in Sollum and keep the Halfaya pass, springboard of next offensives.

Rommel doesn 't want to fight with allied Matildas heavy tanks and moves near Sollum where he engages another battle with allied infantry.
It's another allied disaster , they are shattered !

Rommel advance towards the north Halfaya pass entry.
The 7th armored and 4th tank don't want to test the trial of strength .

With just on SP left, the 8th army retreats towards east.
DAK with one SP is exhausted too.
It has lost 6 infantry steps , Rommel just two italians and one 88mm PAK

All the towns (of map 3) are Axis ...again.
It's a another Rommel Victory !

(in game terms, Rommel was Lucky, but the allied assault on Halfaya pass too ...the god of war was particularly blood thirsty !)

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TURN 7  
September/october 1941

The DAK needs time to reorganise and store supply, the 8th army too.

No offensive this turn.

The australian government wants to give some rest to the australian divisions.
The 8th army loses for some months one australian division and forever another.

November/december 1941

Rommel has 11 SP
Brits too 11 SP.

The 8th army launch operation Crusader

The first target is Halfaya pass.

This time the Major Bach can't prevail, the brits storm the pass.

And attack another Fort/mines near fort maddalena with their armor.

Rommel come again to the rescue of the garrison, counter attacking the 4th tank brigade.

An armored mobile fight where the panzer Superior leadership and mobility give them Victory.

The british armored divisions drive north to assist the prepared attack on Sidi Omar fort/mine position.

Rommel is too far South to help Major Bach 88mm PAK, but best Rommel's  best colonel (and most popular DAK officer after Rommel himself)
is a defense expert,  the 8th army attack is repulsed.
The stukas (card) helped him.

The Ariete italian division is in a dire straits, having to face a counterblow .

Rommel attacks once again and forces the brits to retreat, but he can't be everywhere :
The 8th army infantry launch another offensive in his back, storming the Sidi Omart strongpoint, major Bach had to flee with his precious 88mm guns.

The 15th and 21st panzers divisions are cut from their supply line, DAK is in low supply.

Rommel must retreat west.
He was preparing a blitzkrieg fight to destroy the 8th army armored units...but ...the god of war surprised him with low fuel and ammo reserves…

In the desert Speed is every thing, and the ability to fight coordinated.

The 2nd NZ and 4th Indian divisions are savagely fighting, inflicting some panzers losses, but suffered heavily against the two panzer divisions.

Bardia is taken ,  axis supply stores too… (+1 SP to 8th army).

But the allied infantry must retreat east.

Rommel keeps the central position.

The 8th army is in a dire straits, risking to be piecemal destroyed, the allies retreats to map 4 !

Rommel is the triumphant fox !

But Tobruk hasn't been attacked and is still blocking  the axis plans…

Is the 8th army winning time ?

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Malta became active during turn 8 Strategic phase, a  (card) Royal navy convoy supplied the island
(with planes  and ammo ?)

TURN 9  

December 1941 (Error in Turn 9, it was November 1941; one month turns in fair weather)

Brits 6 +1 left = 7 SP

(card) Rommel is exhausted, he leaves the DAK and come back to Germany, for one month rest.
Axis is left with Just 1 SP, after rebuilding mines and units.

The 8th army has the initiative and launch another two  offensives.

Which failed against the axis strongpoints

The DAK counterattacks  the brits armor, the 4th and 22nd armored brigades retreat, and the whole armored units redeploy east, refusing another
mobile fight with the panzer divisionnen.

The Panzers, even without Rommel, saw the trap, be surrounded and cut of from supply if they attack the 6 Brits armored units.
They have just one Target marker and no more supply points, but the Brits doesn 't know that, so they stay at Sidi Omar to try to keep the Brits at bay.
(and in player terms, having a powerful card to use with Rommel, they prefer to wait for next turn Fox 's return to risk some battle).

The brits, carry on their offensives
the Halfaya pass is stormed in two  successive attacks,  with artillery support (with shock markers).

An allied column takes Bardia. (+1 SP)

And both enemies, short of supply points stop their actions.

TURN 10  
January/february 1942

Axis 4 SP
Allies 8 SP

Malte is inactive (the axis were involved in  U Boote harrassment and huge Luftwaffe bombardment of the island installations and Airports.)
Two allied infantry divisions and the 4th tank brigade are sent to the Pacific front where japanese attack Hong Kong and Singapore and Malaya.

The USA enters the war and...
the Allied get the strategic advantage (until the end of the game), many cards favoring the Axis will become unplayable.

The 8th Army is short of infantry and prefers to wait before goint to the offensive.

With just 4 SP before rebuilding, Rommel choose to pause, and plan an offensive agaisnt Tobruk in march 42.

TURN 11  
March/ April 1942

Axis 6 SP
Allies 7 SP

Rommel upgrade his two panzers divisionnen ans launch a série of shap attacks ont tne Tobruk fortress.

The brits try to support the isolated garrison with an attack against the strongpoint of Bir el gubi defended by the best italians troops,
Inflicting some losses on Trieste division, but the strongpoint stands.

Rommel must abandon his offensive on the Fortress to move to the rescue of the italians of Bir el Gubi.

(with a wonderful card, "panzer attack", he can attack twice with the DAK)

He smashes the 7th armored which retreats east with the 1st armored.

Then attacks the other  allied armored formations, destroying the 1st tank brigade and routing the 22nd which flees in the east.

In one movement he fixed the situation.
The allies take refuge in their strongpoint, having sustained heavy losses in tanks.

But Tobruk stands defiantly…

The allies are growing stronger and stonger in the future with the US help, the situation at sea will become more and more difficult for the Reggia Marina and the convoy to Tripoli supplying the DAK and Italians.

Much victories in the sand ...for nothing, as long as Tobruk stays in british hands.

TURN 12  
May /june 1942

Axis 6 SP

Rommel keep the initiative and attacks twice Tobruk with the "panzer attack" card (he could keep it on a Even D6)

The fortress which had lost its level of fortification during  march/april attacks, lost twice a step.

The Heavy tanks are gone, the allied infantry had a step loss.

Another attack and it could be the end of the fortress defense …

Will the 8th army come to aid the valorous allied garrison ?

For the 8th army 's point of view, it's too late, another Campaign begins…
Rommel will come soon at it like an enraged dog.
Every unit will be necessary.

The Following attack on Tobruk breaks the defenders 's will, the germans are masters of the port, key of the North African front.

Rommel had prefered to be reinforced now to take Tobruk rather than a long term strategy of a big assault on Malta island.

Malta  is going to be more and more active in the future, sinking  most of his supplies at sea.

But ...now, Rommel lives his finest hour.
Among his victorious soldiers and officers.

Hitler is dreaming of a great pincer movement around the british middle east, by the Caucasus in the north ,
and by Egypt then Syria and Iraq with Rommel DAK.
During this 1942 summer, the third Reich is at its highest peak.

Rommel thinks he is doing his duty, for his country, later will come realization of the true nature of the the nazi regime's master.
And find that  sometimes Truth is more lethal than seven enemies  armies...

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