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CR From Boston to Concord (Revolution Road part 1)

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Boston:   april 1775

Thomas Gage , Massachusetts Governor:

"If force is to be used at length, it must be a considerable one, and foreign troops must be hired, for to begin with small numbers will encourage resistance, and not terrify; and will in the end cost more blood and treasure."
"But America is a mere bully, from one end to the other, and in Massachusetts live  the greatest bullies."
"We can't accept this Under cover state of rebellion

" Colonel Smith, your mission is to search their hidden arms caches and arrest those rebels who call themselves "Sons of liberty".
But, don't fire first, let them Drew the first blood, if they wish, then crush them if necessary .
You must be bold but cautious enough."
"I give you 21 companies of grenadiers and of Major Pitcairn Light infantry, 700 chosen men."

Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith (10th infantry regiment commander).

" With this regiment force, I'll sweep the countryside from Boston to Concord, Governor."

The Navy will help to cross the charles river.


Th night riders Dawes and Revere have called to arms in gather places of Roxbury and Cambridge.
But Our troops have prevented Cambridge  one to muster militias.
In Roxbury some militias have been mustered.


Some spy of us have gathered intelligence, the hidden caches have been changing place, the rascals !   (the two next cards have no slashs)

Major Pitcairn will lead the light infantry advance guard, i follow with the grenadiers, we march quickly by road towards Menotomy.
I leave one hundred grenadiers in Cambridge to prevent militias to form in our back, and to search those damned hidden arms caches, left behind us.

Dawes and Revere called to arms in Brookline and Medford, escaping our patrols, damn them.


We march towards Lexington.
Menotomy could not muster militias because of our presence, good Lord !

Two hundred militias have crossed  the Cambridge bridge and another one  is marching East to Watson s corner, and another one from the South west !
What's the hell is this !
My hundred grenadiers are isolated in Cambridge, i can't divide my advance towards Lexington to send some force East to rescue them !
My Godness !"

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I send Pitcairn advance guard march to Lincoln and i enter Lexington with my grenadiers.

Hancok and Adams were caught dining in a tavern...captured !
The sons of liberty will taste the king's jails !
Two hundred minute men and militias didn't dare intervene, we ignored them...

Pitcairn did a good job searching , many muskets and ammo were seized in the name of the King !
+4 VP (in fact with the 1VP of the caches found in Cambridge, it s 5 VP for Georges III )

But suddenly  the situation in Cambridge becomes nasty...the rebels are regrouping, with stern faces, near the town...

And they opened fire on my Grenadiers, who returned fire, two rebels units were broken, but the grenadiers, outnumbered and surprised, broke, too,

They had to retreat towards Charlestown !

The shot heard "round the world",   it wasn't us ! They fired the first shot !
But rebel propaganda will say they didn't, rascals !

They won the first skirmish ...and this is the worst thing of all.
All our political victories in Lexington and Lincoln are negated by this... little... firefignt.

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I need to send a force in Concord and search around, Pitcairn will go with the lights;

and i must avoid escape of Hancock and Adams, my grenadiers will provide escort to these "gentlemen". because with all these rebels out there, they will never get to Boston.

Further East, Ward pursue the retreating broken grenadiers who try to retreat further but are disrupted by opportunity fire, the unit is destroyed...Holy shit !


Pitcairn march to Concord (+5VP)

And i escort slowly to Cooper tavern, followed by all these rabble waiting to take their chance against us.


The militias concentrated around Watson's  corner,
an ambush broke one unit, some disorganisation in the column gave  the rebels some opportunity, they  freed Hancock by chance, Holy shit !

I moved to this place and prevented them to free Adams, because they tried again, those rascals.

Pitcairn search and found some huge arms caches (+5VP) but one unit was ambushed and broke.

Well done gentleman !

But he is deep in this hornest 's nest ...

He must come back as quick as possible to Lexington.
Some reinforcement will join us soon lead by Percy, with cannon...yes , cannon !

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Prescott called to arms in Lincoln taverns but was captured by a loyalist group .

The rebels concentrate many columns near Charleston, surely they want to liberate Adams.

They tried but ...narrowly failed. (With a +3 to get a 6)

Pitcairn march across Concord towards Hartwell tavern to join Lexington.


Lexington is occupied by two rebels columns and another one appears in Lincoln.

The little rebel army follow us near Cambridge.
I can't let them seize the initiative to make Adams escape.

We must teach them a lesson...

My grenadiers fought gallantly and broke four rebel units, but we had some losses too...
Anyway they had enough firefighting.

Pitcairn 's column is constantly under sniping attacks, these cowards do not dare fight us in open terrain, but the high morale of his Lights companies
overcome this mere nuisance.


The 2nd Duke of Northumberland, Général Hugh Percy column leaves Boston with two 6 pounder guns and 800 men.

We met together near Cambridge bridge, Percy force march to join Pitcairn at Lexington

I leave Adams and his small escort continue their travel to Boston, and follow Percy some miles behind.

The rebels are moving towards Lexington, too, where there is a big concentration of troops.

Perhaps the rebels want a big battle.

Jesus ! Do they think be able to defeat us with their militias, all these rabble ?  Really ?

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Pitcairn in the west, Percy in the East, and me behind him are converging on Lexington.

In front of us, two equal forces of militias and minute men, one in Lexington with 6 units, and one of 6 unbroken  units east of Menotomy.

The two rebel forces concentrate in Lexington.

Percy marches to Monotomy, I move with speed  to be in contact with him and rally one unit broken by the forcemarch.

Pitcairn stops moving and waits sometime, he doesn't want to be first in Lexington facing alone a huge rebel force.
Some rebels try to ambush him to no avail.


Percy enters first in Lexington, using his two 6 pdr Guns to broke a rebel unit which is rallied quickly.
The rebels don't dare Attack Percy force...they should have !
Because he had only 6 unbroken units to 14 ones for them, with a great difference in quality but never  will they have better odds.

They prefer  to try to hinder Pitcairn march towards Lexington.
And Snipe at Percy column...

Then i reinforce Percy at Lexington with a force march.
Two of my three units of grenadiers broke, one by the force march , one during an ambush.

And Pitcairn get out the move hinder.

We had only three actions left (one left and Two in reserve)

Three actions for a win...

Pitcairn join us, inspite of an ambush where one of his units broke

Then Percy commanded the Attack, we moved in two lines,  in silence,   their leader on horse was  shouting orders

the rebels were protected by wooden fence

They  couldn't wait point blank fire to deliver their volley...because most of them were militias

We halted to return fire, with a devastating volley,

then we levelled bayonet to charge with a rousing cheer !

It had a crushing psychological impact on their morale, they beagan to retreat here and there, abandoning their position in the utmost disorder.

We received 5 hits (+1 for simultaneous fire) and gave 10 hits to those damned rebels (1 by Cannon and 9 by infantry fire), who choose to retreat.

Victory ! On the battlefield, certainly, on the politic side we'll see...

Then we searched and found the rebel arms caches.

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So the Victory points count:

For these democracy worshipping rascals,  
3VP for eliminating one unit of my Grenadiers
8VP for Hidden arms caches (numbered or not) which stayed hidden.

11VP in all.

And for the King Georges the third.

6VP for capturing Adams and taking him back to jail in Boston
2VP for capturing Nightrider Prescott and taking him back to jail in Boston
2VP for finding hidden caches (with one slash card each)
4VP + 4VP for Pitcairn and myself joining Percy in Lexington with 3 units each (+1 for him and me as leaders).

5VP because these rascals fired first, declaring war on the crown !

19VP in all    a crushing Victory !

Yes, of course, i could have played the patriots much better.
Playing them is a bit more difficult than playing the brits.

I should never leave  Adams and Hancock so inactive and become captured.
It s a newbie (so i am) mistake !

I should have mustered more forces and follow the columns searching hidden caches to prevent finding.

And i should have attacked first Percy alone, with some luck i could have won the skirmish...and who knows ?

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Merci beaucoup pour ce nouveau compte rendu ! Savoureux, comme les autres !
Il m'a fait découvrir ce tout nouveau jeu, Revolution Road, dont je n'avais pas encore entendu parler.

Une ou deux petites questions à propos du jeu :
- Il semblerait qu'il contienne un système de règles pour jouer en solo - ton compte rendu semblait d'ailleurs le confirmer (toi jouant le Britannique contre les milices d'insurgés gérées par le système) avant que ta conclusion n'indique que tu as joué les deux camps. Peux-tu me confirmer que le jeu comporte bien un système pour jouer en solo l'un ou l'autre camp ?
- Quelques commentaires sur BBG - où j'ai retrouvé ton compte rendu - laissent entendre que les règles comportent pas mal d'imprécisions. C'est aussi ton avis ?
- Enfin, si tu as une ou deux minutes supplémentaires pour satisfaire ma curiosité, et sûrement celle de quelques autres, j'aimerais connaître ton sentiment sur ce jeu.

Merci encore pour ce From Boston to Concord en tout cas ! Il m'a propulsé là-bas, en avril 1775...

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Je n'ai pas encore joué à Bunker Hill, mais pour From Boston to Concord, le gameplay est prenant et très rapide, avec une excellente jouabilité (2h une partie).

Les règles sont sans ambiguités, nickel.

Les cartes sont belles mais un peu glissantes pour les pions.

Il y manque le chrome de pions bien différenciés avec le nom de Grenadiers ou de Lights (mais cela rend la gestion des pions plus facile.

Voir le profil de l'utilisateur
Merci pour ta réponse rapide !

Le jeu a-t-il un système de règles solo pour jouer seul contre lui ?

Voir le profil de l'utilisateur

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