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La Bataille de Raszyn 1809

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1 La Bataille de Raszyn 1809 le Ven 20 Jan 2012 - 1:03

Marshal Enterprises Releases Another Free Game
La Bataille de Raszyn Explores Major Battle of Polish-Austrian War of 1809
Marshal Enterprises has now released its second free game in less than 90 days. La Bataille de Raszyn, which pits the Poles of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw against the Austrians on April 19, 1809, in a tight, tense battle for the survival of the Polish nation in Napoleonic Europe, is the second release in Marshal Enterprise’s Recession Series Games---a series which is free to the wargaming public because “everyone needs to save a buck”.
Released on Martin Luther King Day, January 16, 2012 as a follow-up to La Bataille d’Halle, released on Veterans Day in 2011, La Bataille de Raszyn can be accessed and downloaded by anyone by going to the Marshal Enterprises webpage, Labataille.me.
The webpage has easy to access instructions for all the color counters, color maps and charts and rules for this corps on korps battle between Polish Prince Josef Poniatowski and his Saxon allies and the Austrian Ferdinand d”Este ,with his multi-national Hapsburg army.
While most wargamers are familiar with Napoleon’s 1809 campaign in the Danube Valley against the Austrians led by Archduke Charles which culminated in La Bataille de Wagram. La Bataille de Raszyn is the key battle in one of the other major fronts in 1809---the Austrian invasion of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw in April 1809. Marshall Enterprises, with its tradition of exploring previously untouched battles, believes that the Polish- Austrian contest provides a unique experience for its wargaming public for a campaign unfortunately forgotten by both gamers and history.
Approximately 40,000 Austrians, including some of Austria’s best cavalry, face off against less than 20,000 Poles and Saxons, which despite their smaller numbers, are greatly supported by favorable terrain. La Bataille de Raszyn can easily be played in an afternoon between two players. Playtests proved the contest to be most competitive.
The Austrians had hoped to inspire the Poles to rise up against the less than two-year old Duchy of Warsaw, but instead, the Poles, with their usual ferocious devotion to Napoleon, fought the Austrians to a standstill, and not only defended the Duchy, but also invaded Austrian Galicia, a Polish speaking area that eventually became part of the Grand Duchy from 1809 to 1813.
In addition to several new terrain types, including waterway causeways and dykes, La Bataille de Raszyn, also features special rules which cover the language difficulties of Austria’s multi-national force and the problems Napoleon would have with the loyalties of his Saxon allies.
Marshal Enterprises is a creative consortium of game designers and cultural commentators who remain the surviving designers of the original La Bataille system. La Bataille d’Halle is also a free game and is available on the Labaille.me website.

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2 Re: La Bataille de Raszyn 1809 le Ven 20 Jan 2012 - 20:02

Great news, Dennis, and thanks for sharing this.

The game looks great, the counters have a "flavor" that reminds us great memories of your games.

I hope many more will follow.

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3 Re: La Bataille de Raszyn 1809 le Sam 21 Jan 2012 - 5:59

We are currently working on another game that should be out in about 90 days. Monte, Jim, Mike and I are planning for the next six months to produce some new titles. Does anyone have a favorite they would like to see, that hasn't been done 10 times?
The Swedish - Russo Wars, where the British under Moore land to assist the Swedes defeat the Russians in Finland?

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4 Re: La Bataille de Raszyn 1809 le Mar 28 Fév 2012 - 16:00

Il s'agit d'un lien vers un rapport sur Halle 1806, que vais vous expliquer le jeu à partir d'une perspective historique


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5 Re: La Bataille de Raszyn 1809 le Mer 29 Fév 2012 - 9:33

Merci pour l'info.

« Quis custodiet ipsos custodes ? » Juvénal.

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