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The Eagle and The Star

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1 The Eagle and The Star le Mar 8 Sep 2009 - 10:06

Voici un jeu intéressant qui va sortir bientôt...

Game covers the Polish-Soviet war campaign of the 1920. Players can take command of the Red Army - try to defeat Poland and bring communism to Europe, or play as Polish generals, stop the Red Army, and establish Polish-Soviet border.

Game mechanics is card driven - each card can be played in four manners:
.as Historical Event
.as an Order count
.as Replacement Points
.as Battle modifier (played only during battles)

Orders are at the heart of the game mechanics. Issued orders are hidden at first, then revealed according to their characteristics and player’s current Initiative. Besides the Orders, there are also free “bluff” Orders - this makes deducting opponent’s plans difficult, and is used to hide our real objectives.

Units are represented by wooden blocks. Battles are fought with no dice, with simple, quick combat system (there’s also a randomization factor).


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2 Re: The Eagle and The Star le Mar 8 Sep 2009 - 10:31

Card Driven et bloques, ça a tout pour te plaire... jocolor

A triumph of passion, a war to be won
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3 Re: The Eagle and The Star le Mar 8 Sep 2009 - 11:44

A mourir de rire !!!! C'est un jeu pour Desaix ça !!!! jocolor

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